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PEO Matching Service

PEO Analysis understands the amount of time it takes to submit a request for proposal to 2-3 PEO’s so we’ve created a streamlined way to accomplish this without interacting directly with each PEO’s sales teams. Our third-party consulting approach allows you to offload this task, free of charge, so that we can get this tedious task done for you in half the time typically needed to obtain pricing. You gain expert advice from a third-party source, overall time savings and a larger discount by utilizing our services.

How it works

  • 01.

    We first determine your specific needs from a PEO

  • 02.

    Our internal team will take the information you provide us and work with our internal reps at each of the PEO’s to get a custom quote from them for you.

  • 03.

    We will analyze all the quotes and present those quotes to you in a pro/con analysis table for you to easily choose.

  • 04.

    We help you make the final decision and then implement the solution.

Why Choose Us

Over a decade of combined PEO experience.

We hold a unique relationship with each PEO which allows our clients to see an average of 24% reduction in costs vs contacting directly.

We speak PEO lingo and help you navigate all the hidden fees and charges that come up along the way when reviewing a PEO’s service. Here is how we move from the getting to know you phase to creating something remarkable.